All sheep’s and sizes

New uniform day! We’re both quite excited about this. We’ve been open again to schools and home education classes since the lockdown rules were eased so we thought it was about time we included some branding.

Which side of the sheep has the most wool?

The outside

After shearing our two wethers, we’ve now moved onto our Suffolk x Herdwick ewes with their darker fleeces. They’re a lot smaller and easier to handle than the texel cross boys. Still hard work shearing by hand.

The grow out pen for the quails is now complete too. They will stay in here until they’re ready to be moved outside and away from the heat lamp. Their colourings are just starting to show through now, so we will be able to sex them and split them into groups so the boys don’t start fighting.

Zoe enjoying her new pen

We have got an excess of quails in here though. We really only want a small breeding stock of 6 or so females and a male. The current total is 24! So if anyone would like to take a few off our hands for a lovely source of home grown eggs, or for a sustainable source of meat, we’d be more than happy to help.

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