New Term, New Friends.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer break! I think by the lack of posts you can tell we have been taking some time off too!

It’s only fitting then that we start with some very special news!

We were overwhelmed by one of our children, Mason, who first attended The Ark with Fieldhead Carr Primary school and then went on to join our holiday clubs over the summer.

Mason had been secretly fund raising for The Ark by setting himself some difficult personal challenges and by overcoming these he has managed to raise an incredible £200!!

This means so much to us as we are self funding, so for one of our children to do this for us is just amazing and we are ever so grateful!

We thought that it would be only fair that Mason had a say in what we spent the money on, and after chatting we agreed to buy some goats to add to our family!

So it is with great pleasure, I introduce our 3 new nanny goats, Doris, Cynthia, and Alberta.

In a future post, we’ll talk a little bit more about their breed and our plan for them here at The Ark.

But for now, a great big Thank You to Mason!

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  1. Mason is so excited to come and meet them! I hope there settling into the ark well, we love the names of the other two! Mason said he loves Alberta. Thank you again for all you have done for Mason and he’ll be back for the next holiday club.

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