The mysterious disapperance of Mary Berry

We had a rather unwelcome visitor over the last couple of days. We weren’t entirely sure what it was, but some creature in the night was taking our chickens, including our beloved Mary Berry and leaving them headless. Our first clue was a five fingered footprint and some bite marks on a survivor of the attack.

We’ve seen a mink roaming around close to the chicken coop a couple of times, we always thought it was just stealing the eggs. These have 5 toes and do attack chickens, apparently they like to drink the blood like vampires. We didn’t know how it was getting in the coup so we set our trail camera up.

Instead of a mink, of course it was a plain old fox.

We can’t be too angry at mr (or mrs) fox, they’re only trying to find food to feed themselves or their young. But hopefully we’ve secured the coop so he wont be returning anytime soon.

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