When Harry met … Carrie?

Welcome our newest member of the flock. Harry the Herdwick! He’s only 7 months old so is still quite young as a ram, but we’re hoping he’ll do his job with our ewes this year. As he gets older his chocolate coloured fleece will fade to a majestic grey, hopefully complemented by some stylish horns.

The ewes pictured here (Carrie, Annie and Fannie) with the black heads are part Herdwick themselves, owing to their thick legs and sturdy hooves. Crossing with a Suffolk breed gives the distinctive black faces. It will be interesting come April to see what genetics our lambs take on.

Suffolk’s being a meat breed are known for having large lambs with big heads. During lambing in previous years this meant hand delivering those that got stuck. Herdwicks on the other hand living out in the fells of the Lake District are supposed to give birth by themselves quite easily.

Fingers crossed for the beginning of April 🤞🐑

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